I am a member of Learned League, an online trivia community.
I have written three One-Day Specials for it:
I have also done two Mini-Leagues: Mystery Themes (Summer 2016) and Mystery Themes 2 (Summer 2021)

I was a Jeopardy! contestant on the shows airing March 14, 15, 16, and 19, 2007. On the 16th, I was part of the only non-zero three-way tie in the show's history.
You can see video of the ending here.

In 2007, my wife Susan Garrett and I made a multipuzzle event for the American Crossword Puzzle Tournament called Time Capsule. You can find all the puzzles from it here.

I have written a few multipuzzle suites for The Enigma, the publication of The National Puzzlers' League:

In 2009, I wrote another multipuzzle suite for students and faculty in the Math & Computer Science Department at Mount Saint Mary's University. You can find the puzzles here. The ending is solvable, but it won't be as familiar if you weren't at the Mount 10 years ago.

My wife and I missed the 2003 NPL convention since my son was about to be born. Here is a puzzle I sent for people to solve in my absence.

Here is one of my oldest multipuzzle suites from after hours at the 2002 American Crossword Puzzle Tournament.

This puzzle was written in honor of my tenth anniversary in 2010.

I wrote this puzzle for the 2008 MIT Mystery Hunt. Be warned; it is probably unfairly hard.
Also, for that hunt, Jenny Gutbezahl and I co-wrote this puzzle You can't solve it now, sorry.
I was captain for the constructing team of the 2001 Mystery Hunt for which I wrote a bunch of puzzles. The link to the whole hunt is here. I'll leave it to you to find the ones I did.

Will Shortz used a wordplay puzzle I wrote for his NPR Sunday Puzzle segment on May 31, 2020. You can see/hear the puzzle at this link.